Thursday, July 1, 2010

FIFA 2010

Every one is crazy about football now. All the Mamak stores, Kopitiam, and restaurants having big screens are showing the same matches. Shout and sigh are here and there. I did have such crazy times watched matches with my brother in the middle of night but not now. I am old enough and really no such energy to sleep lesser. :P

I no need to greet how are you today recently because I already can see the mood on their face. That is significant especially their conversation about the football matches just over few hours ago from work.

How FIFA 2010 affected you? I think the treatment of dark eye circle sales will increase significantly during this period. My friend is one of them who having serious dark eye circles which caused by those football games. She is not the football fun but her hubby is. Some more the sound pollution at the Mamak stores at her apartment ground floor caused her no good sleeps. She stays at 13th floor but the cheering when goal can wake her up in the middle of night. This is truly nightmare for her. LOL

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James said...

I've actually only watched a few World Cup games on TV this time. Football isn't really the #1 sport for me, but it would still be really cool to travel to South Africa see it live.