Monday, June 28, 2010

Horsley News

Discovered Horsley News today via clicked on the Blogger next blog button. This is what inspired me: -

We are a big, loud, happy, exciting, silly, roudy, loving, LDS close knit Family. Jack and Susan are our parents. They have ten kids. We are all married, and they have 24 amazing grandkids.
What a big family! And the mom is doing a great job where her lovely children can read their parent updates thought the blog. She recorded her life via blogging.

This is shown below the blog title: All because two people fell in love...

It remind me couple should not forget how they fell in love to each others in day one. There are many reasons you choose to be he / her life partner. Do always keep the sweet and romantic memory with you and you will be less concern on your negative family life thinking....

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