Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dream Spoiled

I plan to spend my excess fund to buy gold bullion. This is my wish since the day I found that investment to gold having good returns. I save and save and finally I decided to buy but unfortunately my plan spoiled.

The price is getting higher and higher since the day I wish to invest. But I have to stop my dream to this investment because of my slipped disc problem. I went for Chinese medicine as well as checking at hospital specialist. The money will spend to the medication of my slipped disc recovery journey. Now is just the beginning. I need to go back and do CT scan if the pain still exists after two weeks medication. Will there any bad news waiting for me? I really don't know. As for me now, cash on hand is the best to get back my healthy. No more dreaming of investment... *sigh*


JarrredT said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your slipped disc. Did you try accupuncture? I swear by it. Luckily we have a local person who is trained well. Best of luck and quick healing to you. I'm sorry your dream has been spoiled.

411 yellow web pages said...

I'm also a firm believer in acupuncture, its worth a try anyways.

HVAC Man said...

Hey I'm so sorry about your disc. I can understand the pain you get as even I'm in the same position. It pains a lot. Better go to a good doctor and take the treatment.

safe diet pills said...

That is very sad, I do hope your treatment will work and you will return to full fitness. As for investment? Maybe now is not the time in any case, markets are so volatile.
Good luck!