Saturday, April 24, 2010


I did use this as a tool to make my princesses listen to my words. I fully aware this is not a good choice but I though I have no other better choices.
After I attended a parenting class two years ago, I decided not to use rattan to punish my princesses. At the beginning, I feel a bit helpless because without the rattan on hand, I started to shout. As what you can imagine, my voice can hear until the next street but the two little princesses still naughty as usual.
But I am proud to tell you that I made the right decision. I still shout when my two little princesses are naughty but this happen not as often as before. What I mean is, I have found a good way to educate and punish them without using rattan.
And my secret answer is, be more patient to talk and accompany them often then they would love to co-operate with you!

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