Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Car Owner Plan

I am worry after the big repairing cost of my second hand car which is more than 15 years old. Hubby is the one driving the car every day. When the car broke down, he is the one who in-charged and takes the car to workshop. Even routine maintenance works also not under my responsibility. The car's problem seems like not effect me, but still I am worrying.

We just relieve the installment burden of the second car. This supposes to be a good sign as we can enjoy more flexible spending every month. Besides, we can save the installment portion for new car deposit. Yes. The new car is the replacement of the second hand old car. This is our planning. What if the old car broke down unexpectedly? Then it will definitely fail our plan. I pray hard this will not happen to us.

Hubby did show me the nissan maxima review before. This is the car model under our budget. But if for me after reading the mitsubishi galant review, I will prefer mitsubishi galant. Not only because of the outlook, but the main reason I select this car is because the price is cheaper. Cheaper price means burden lesser. :P

Actual I know hubby is dreaming after he read the mercedes-benz e-class review. If he really wants to be the car owner, then he has to work harder for his dream comes true. lol

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