Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Appetizer Recipes

How many meals you taken one day? For those who put diet at the first priority, I know I am asking the wrong person. So sorry but I like to keep the delicious foods and Appetizer Recipes link at my blog here for my cooking reference. If you are always on diet, please don't click on the link will do. I just can not stop myself drooling with those delicious photos. :P

I am no good in cooking and I always feel that kitchen is not the place for me. But since I am a mom of two princesses, I force to cook. :P

I got a friend who like to cook and she even maintenance a foods blog for all her cooks. I am lucky because I can learn cooking from her and friends. I am the kind of person prefer practice more than theory. I will only be expert to one cook provided I got chance to learn it step by step with the actual cooking showing. This is my weakness. I only know my weakness after so many failures of meals cooking. lol

I enjoy cooking recently. I know my cooking skill still bad and always need to be improved. But I am lucky because I got chances to learn from them. With the step by step cooking in the kitchen during each and every gathering with friends, I learn some cooking skills and some different recipes which I never tried before.

Even though I am still fail sometimes when trying new recipes, but I believe the more I try, the more I can improve. For sure cooking is my life lesson. It is good to motivate myself to cook better so that my family members can enjoy healthy meals at home. No one can ensure the foods selling outside are all clean and healthy but the home cook foods can guarantee. :)


Jenny said...

I am gonna try your appetizers recipe since it looks yummy!

Suzy.M said...

The site looks very nice and the dishes really tasty and not so hard to make. I think that even if you are on a diet you could eat such things. The dishes don't seem to be too rich in calories.