Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to Shape on Time

My friend explained to me the benefits of colon cleansing during my Chinese New Year visit to her yesterday. We are having the same bad habits of uncontrolled foods and drinks during Chinese New Year. I am lucky as I have no problem with this bad habits but she is totally different. :P

She is very discipline on food intakes during the whole year and she manage to keep her body shape in perfect but snacks and junk foods are her favorite which she will allow herself be free to eat as much as possible once a year. Her body just too good of absorption and she already get 6kgs increase of weight during this 5 days Chinese New Year celebration. This is the reason why she needs colon cleanser. She told me that she will get herself back to shape before she start work on next Monday. lol


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Harry Hilders said...

Wow nice one! How did it go with your friend? Did she make it?