Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love Bedroom

Which part of your house is the first priority when you considering renovation? Bedroom? Kitchen? Living room? Or the yard?

One of my friends told me that she is searching of kitchen appliances for her new home. She specially recommended me the copper kitchen sinks and told me that this will be her ideal sink in her kitchen. Her husband will be the one in-charged of the house interior design, furniture and fittings and all related renovation matters but my friend insisted to in-charged of her new kitchen design and fittings.
I think all women who love cooking will act the same like her. But for me, I will prefer take charge of the bedroom design. Why? Because I love sleeping! LOL


Rapmusic said...

Every body love their bed room. Actually it is the place we get such type of peace and comfort which we dont get any where.

Los Angeles Printing Service said...

It would be the living room for me. This is the spot where you will entertain your friends, unexpected guests and/or family relatives. So, this should be the first to appear with a clean, calm atmosphere. This is also one of the spot in your house where you can relax except for the bedroom of course.