Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hubby is the First Priority

What is the online store you visit the most? Ladies should be the cloths and accessories store fancy. Those married with kids will probably like to visit online store selling kids stuffs. But I never know that one my friends who always shop online likes to surf car accessories every time she online.

I saw her searching Ferrari parts yesterday then only I known that her hubby dream to have a Ferrari. She claimed that she has to know more about the car before they own the car according to her hubby said. I am really saluted for her patient. She can do whatever her hubby's likes. Hubby is her first priority most of the time and she always follows her hubby decisions and instructions.

I am not trying to object but I just don't know why she always ignores her own feeling and follow her hubby blindly some times.....

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Rose said...

We must have our own mindset and make decision for ourselves. Cannot all the time listen to hubby, right?

Yes, hubby and children are my priority but sometimes certain things would be much better if we (women) decide for them.