Monday, January 25, 2010

Forgetful leads Worries

I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work again!

This is definitely not the first time and I really feel disappointed to myself. I am so forgetful nowadays!

It's actually not a big deal for no mobile phone to use. I still can call using office phones. But mobile phone is definitely importance to me. My concern is the journey from my house to office without the helps of mobile phone if any emergency happened. *Touch wood!*

I just can not imaging how will it be without a helping hands from others, without a mobile phone on hand, how am I going to ask help from emergency assistance if really the bad happened.

The fact is, the journey from my house to office is only 20 minutes to reach. I am carrying a car more than twelve years old. Shall I blame my forgetful or am I too worry? *Sigh*

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