Monday, December 14, 2009

Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

We all have a gossip during lunch hour and boss's secretary told us that our big boss will going to Jamaica next month. We all are envy that big bosses can enjoy traveling often. This time they are going to attend the annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival held from 24-30 January, 2010 in Montego Bay. Now only we know that our big boss is a fun of Gladys Knight.

Getting a all inclusive resorts for a big boss should not be a task for the secretary since she is familiar to do that few times a year. But since she never been to Jamaica before, she is a bit worry how to get a great inclusive Jamaica package for the big boss and his family.

We all who never been to Jamaica before of course will really have no idea at all which will be the good deal. A colleague suggested she go for Ocho Rios hotels as her parent been there before. But after searching net, we found that Ocho Rios on Jamaica's north shore is an hour and a half east of Montego Bay. Do you think our big boss willing to spend the traveling time for that? Well, we pass back the worry to the secretary. LOL

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