Thursday, December 24, 2009

Interruption of Electrical Supply

Our company will closed on next Monday due to interruption of electrical supply. The management had announce that every staffs need to fill up leave form for the compulsory leave.

What a Bad News is our department boss requested us to go back office and work on next Monday. We can do our paper works or filling works even thought there will be no electrical supply. He claimed that the supply will not be cut down for the whole day but maybe just on and off and we just need to keep saving our files more often so that we will not lose any of our data or works if we are using computer.

Well, this is the boss instruction and no body dare to not follow. Working is better than deduct one day leave. I think it positively. Save for the leave then I can enjoy longer holiday during Chinese New Year will be preferable. But the next issue is, we are going to enjoy 'sauna' on next Monday during the electricity cut down period. That will be the big problem. *Sigh*

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Rose said...

Hi!! Maybe you better prepare a fan so you can fan yourself there......