Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elder Princess's Concern

I reach home and saw that there are 2 sets of rechargeable batteries charging at the same time. One charger is charging 4 batteries at a time, why we need so much of batteries?

Asked hubby then only know that one set for his camera because he is going to outing tomorrow and surprisingly to know that the other set is for my princesses.

I am surprise because my elder daughter is the one charge the batteries. Hubby asked her why she need it and she replied that she need it for our video camera and the digital camera as this weekend we are going to picnic and for sure her parent need that.

Yes, we did have experienced where we failed to bring along our video camera and digital camera out for an event because both are out of batteries. This is the reason why my elder princess concern and she go for charging at her own without our helping hand.

Shall we give a big hand to my elder princess? She is so lovely!

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Luigi | said...

Aww...She really deserves a big hand. You're princess is really smart. Thanks for sharing this cute post.