Friday, October 30, 2009


Am I right to advised my boss gets helps from Debt Collection agency? This is the first question I asked myself when my part time boss told me that he wished to terminate the contract of service with me.

When the company facing serious financial problem, I resigned and become a part time worker to the company. I not only reduce the staff cost of the company but still contribute all the best to the company even thought my working hours is limited to few hours a week.

After several discussions with boss and finally he take my advised to get help from collection company. It's no doubt that the collection agency helped a lot. In less than one year, the company business is burst up and financial position is getting better and better now.

Maybe because of this, he felt that my contribution to the company is no longer importance anymore. He can just spend little to hire an account clerk for the accounting job. And he manages the debts collection or easily get helps from the agency. Then I am an extra to him now.

Am I right to advised my boss gets helps from debt collection agency? It's all for the best of the company but not for me. *Sigh*


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