Friday, October 9, 2009

Investment In Silver

How to generate better income? This question is always in my mind. What is the investment can bring me income with no risk? This is one of my interested topics most of the time. :P

I am totally agreed with the higher the risk you taken, the better returns probably you can enjoy. Like my friend who same age with me, he dare to spend cash and imported a container of face surgical mask during the AH1N1 critical period. For sure he can earn better returns during the highest demand period. He braves to take risk. Even thought the demand dropped when the time he received his order, he already gain back the money that he invested in the earlier stage.

For sure the more money to invest, the more or the higher returns will be if you are very good luck. For me, investment is just like gambling. Not every time you can be the winner even though you having very good knowledge of the game or you are in expert skill.

But I will treat keeping gold or silver as no risk investment. I still remember the time when I married. That was ten years ago. :P When the time my father brought me a gold necklace, the price is around 30plus. As per my father, that time the god price already hit the highest level. Go and check the current market value and you will know how much will be the returns are. This is what people will not expect ten years ago.

For me as a small money investor, I will of course more prefer to silver than gold. Do you ever read that the demand of silver will higher and higher? The price of silver increased in 2009 as you can see in the researches. Beside, it is no doubt in the commodity market silver is playing more and more importance role nowadays.

This is the main reason why I am considering invest in silver. As long as I have extra money I don’t mind to go in long term investment. This is good to be one of the retirement plans, isn’t it?


nathan said...

The ideas you have chosen is best ,because before taking any risk , there would be not any profit . I am satisfied with your ideas.
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