Thursday, October 29, 2009

Delay Again?

Another few more day will be November but hubby still not free to make an appointment for his annual medical check up. I had already advised him not to wait until end of the year to do the check up at the middle year but still, he make the same mistake.

At the beginning he told me that he will go for check up by middle of the year. Then he keep on delaying the plan and giving me excuse that he need to be good behavior on diet and exercise as he don’t want to see his check up results same as last year report.

But it seems like he is leak of time now. He told me that his boss going start a new project in November and he will be superb busy soon. I am wondering whether to ask him go for medical travel trip before the project started.

I wish I can enjoy holiday with him and my two little princesses and he can do his medical check up on time. I just don’t want him to have more excuses to delay the check up more than a year.

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