Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleep Late

If that because of my stressful working life makes me can't wake up early in the morning? I have really no idea. I don't have a habit to on my alarm clock before I sleep. These few weeks I wake up a bit late compare to before. And because of this, I am late to prepare breakfast to my princesses.
I feel so happy that I can make it as a good habit every morning to prepare breakfast to my princesses. I am really no good in cooking but I still try my hard to prepare some simple and easy recipe which I learned from friends.
Sleep late did affect my cook skill and my performance. I promise myself not to give up!

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Ralph Sedcard said...

I make backups every month and have nuked my hard drive countless times (when installing a dual boot system on linux for example) and I believe there is a method to freeze the hard drive for a day or so and then use it. It works for less than an hour afterward, but I read somewhere the story of a guy who did it and succeeded. Snce the drive’s already fried, it’s worth a shot.