Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

My brother school time table tennis racket and ball becomes my two little princess's toy recently. They found it at my father's store room. I am not sure whether this is my brother favorite game when his school time but we do have fun playing ping pong when we are young.

We played the game at school and that is the only place we can played the game. Rackets and ball are the only we leave. My little princesses playing without ping pong table. I did search around my area and found that I can not find any place having ping pong game room. I think table tennis will become history one day at my area.....

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Fahad said...


i love table tennis and i play it after school everyday. If you don't have a club around your areal, start your own. Get yourself a cheap net and a table and you are ready to go. Honestly i think that table tennis is very addictive.