Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sexy Hands

How you treat your hands? My friend told me that she treats her hands same as she treats her face. She feels that her hands are so importance and it’s the sexiest part of her body.

I love her idea. I did hear that if you want to know how old is a person (especially women), you can look at her hands and you can predict what is her age.

It is not enough you wearing glove when you wash. Besides applying lotion and moisturizer on your hands, do not forget to take good care of your nails as well. Some of you may love to have long nails. But make sure you keep it clean. I love to see those ladies having beautiful fingers with nice nail polish. I feel the pair of hand is so sexy especially when their fingers 'dancing' on the keyboard.

I love long nails as well but I dare not to keep long nails. I am so careless. Ever time I keep long nails I will hurt my two little princesses because of the sharpness. That’s why I cut my nails once a week.

Little advice to those who likes nail polish, please do learn on how to prevent nail color fading or yellowing as well.

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