Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Learn from Experience

Here is the professional art storage which I had bookmarked. This is the reminder to me not to repeat my boss same mistake that she is experienced.

My boss had broken her sculpture during her move last week. I am query why she is so careless. She is a good planner as she did tell us her planning and her actions before the move.

She took a course in sculpture last year. This is her dream course and she finally finish the course and proud of her products.

The one broken is her first successful product. It's not the beautiful one but this is a memorable one for sure. The incident is really makes her heart sick.

From the experience, she promised not to let this happen to her second times. She shared with us immediately once she got the art storage contact. We all know that she is very concern now. For sure she will not safe her money for her next sculpture shipment.

Even though I don't have any valuable art collection, but I do aware of the risk of miscarriage. No one will know when the accident will happen. It's better to take more precaution rather than take risk.

People say the mistake is repeated until it's learned. If you don't want the same mistake happen to you, it's the time you need to change.

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