Thursday, July 16, 2009

Full Time Mom is Better

My friend was asking me whether to take over the account that she is handling now. That is her part time job. She is a full time mom but she decided to take accounting job and work at home. As she worked as an accounts executive before, this supposes to be easy job for her. But she is regret with her decision now.

She always wanted to back to work when she is a full time mom. This is the reason she take the part time job. But now when she gets the job, she complained that the loss of her relaxing times. lol

I think the main reason why she wanted to discontinue is because the company that she work for is not a profitable company. The worst is, the boss is no good with debts collection.

I am still in considering whether to accept her offer. If the boss is concern of his businessman, he might fully aware of his company problem and to solve the problem, he might get help from debt collection company. If he continues no awareness with the financial problem that might happen worse, then what for I still need to consider working for him? :P

Business is not only selling to increase sales. The most importance is the collection.

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