Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bad Habit

I am planning to take one day leave to clear my personal messy stuffs. I have a very bad habit. I know this is all because of my laziness. Yes. I admitted I am a lazy woman. :P

I am talking about my documentation and my filing management. I have a very bad situation now where all my letters, invoices, statements, utilities bills keep it on my table and it's full until I force to clean it up. I predict I need more than one day to make it clean and tidy. *dizzy

My hubby did advise me to file my document immediately when I received it. But I just ignore him as I not use to do so. Usually I will keep a side all my to-be-paid utilities bills. After I paid and settle all the bills, I will put on my table inside a 'to be filing folder'. When times and days go by, the 'to be filling folders' are getting more and more but I still can not squeeze my time to do the proper filing. :P

What I am planning now is to clear and file all those documentation. How long you keep all your records? I really have no idea at all. My utilities bills, bank account statements, I keep since the day I applied the account. I know that is not necessary but I just don't know what will happen if I throw it away. How to trace back all those records when needed?

Maybe I should spend sometime to do the document shredding as per my colleague advise. As long as I already settle my outstanding, why I still need the records? Is it the true?

For sure I will go for Document Shredding as I want to keep my privacy. Do you have such habit to just throw your bills or bank statement away by not tearing it? I not dare to do so. I believe as long as you are a careful person, we will having lesser chances to have bad happening or being corn. :P

I think it is worth to spend for DOCUMENT SHREDDING services. Maybe I should just trace out all my out-dated and unwanted documents and send to shredder company. Then I can save my annual leave. :P

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