Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School Holidays Activities

End of May school holidays will be started. It's a two weeks holiday. I am considering what I can do for my two little princesses. As usual, teachers will ready school holidays homework for them which I am sure my princesses will finish it less than one week. Deduct out the time for breakfast and lunch, bath, school works and nap times, my princesses still have around 5 hours 'free' times to spend. What can I contribute to them so they can fully enjoy and learn as well for the times?

I did brought some books for them. Story books in English from borders may 2009 offers. I know my little princesses still not manage well in reading English especially my younger princess. I am trying to encourage my elder princess read the story books and perhaps my younger princess can learn from her.

Of course, this needs to be done if I am free to accompany them. If not, my elder princess will have a problem of reading with those new words spelling. I am looking to have a better option as I only can accompany them after my working hours.

I am considering to buy some audio books since the borders may 2009 having great promotion again and for a try. I am wondering will my two little princesses will be interesting to listen on audio books. This will be a good option. Isn't it?

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Lynne said...

Next time you need some activities for them to do check out our educational website with games and acivities to get your princesses reading in English.