Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Act for Dream Come True

What will you do if you are the 2 million dollar St. Thomas Waterfront villa winner?

The first that I will do is to stop all my current pending jobs and assignments. Of course, I have already own a big as well as valuable villa now, why I still need to work so hard for money.

I will either send my boss a leave application form for one or two month's annual leaves or I will write him a resign letter if the leave application is not approved. I need to start packing and book for the last minutes air fight for my all family members. I am already the beautiful St. Thomas Villas owner of course I want to enjoy the stay there. Beautiful sea view, wonderful scenery and big villa some more, so many to be discover!

Don't laugh at me. I know I am dreaming now. Why not?

By just a $100 raffle, you are entitled to be a 2 million dollar St. Thomas Waterfront villa owner. Now you know why I am dreaming. Don't tell me you are not interested at all. I am checking my paypal account now and planning to spend all of the money to get higher opportunity!

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