Friday, April 3, 2009

I like Used Cars

Why we want to change a new car? I keep on asking this question to my hubby. We are having second hand car now and I am happy with the condition now.

I still remember when the first day we got our first car. That was a used car as well. Actually we prefer buy used cars rather than new car. Every one especially my family members are telling me to buy new car. We do know that new cars are the best. That is provided we are affordable to pay the monthly installation amount. When consider about this, we make up our mind and go for used cars.

We did aware that getting second hand car may bring us problem of high repair cost. But that is only happened if we are in bad luck. If you get an experience one who can help you to choose one, you may get rid from having trouble with your second hand car.

So far our cars did not given us any big problems. (Touch wood!)Routine maintenance is a must of course. Besides that, we just spend some money to repair some minor broken parts when the first day we received our cars.

When hubby told me that his friend suggested he changed a new car. I am a bit shock. The car is with us for more than five years old. I am feeling comfortable with it. You know what is the best of driving used car? I don't even need to care about the car body 'injuries' caused by my careless! If you ask me to drive a new car then that will be a pressure for me. With a little bit injured on it then it will no longer new and beautiful at all!

I must admit that I am realistic as well. The new car price will drop immediate after I buy it. I rather save my money and continue drive my second hand car. :P

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Online Traffic School said...

Its better to get used cars when we are driving for the first time. As new car is expensive and really difficult to see some scratches on it.