Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Friend Work in Professional

Don't know started from what time I had such an idea in my mind. I do wish I can meet and know some friends who working in different professional lines.

How great if I can have a friend working as doctor or nurse. A person works as dentist, a cooker, a lawyer or even a friend work in beauty specialist. These are person who worth to be friends. Don't you think so?

We do really needs advices and suggestion when we facing problems. Whenever we in trouble, we do wish to get helps from some one who are really giving their helping hands from the bottom of their heart. Not about money matter but truly helping hands.

Like my friend told me that his son is arrested for a Massachusetts OUI which he feels not fair to his son, he needs a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer to help him solve out the case.

He is worry now the consultant fees charges. I am wondering how great if the lawyer is one of his friends. Being a friend, I think more or less he can negotiate and get a better rate as well as faithful advises. If you are the lawyer, will you do the same to your friends? :P

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