Saturday, April 4, 2009


I miss my previous working environment so much. I think maybe it is because of my tension working life recently which makes me have such feeling. I wish to go back to the company and wish to enjoy the relaxing working lifestyle just like those days I worked in my ex-company.

I missed those days I can enjoy one or two days rest in a week. That is the best especially when that time I was pregnant. It’s not an easy task for a pregnant women working under pressure. I feel lucky where I can work in such relaxing environment at the company. I specially miss the days I can surf as much as info from net and enjoy my days just by doing nothing in the office. Parenting and pregnancy tips and Info are the one that I learned the most at those days. Gurgle pregnancy is one of my favorite webs at those days. Besides, I spend most of my days on forum discussion and sharing my pregnancy life.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to surf online at my current company. Some times the days will just simply over with receiving phone calls, replying emails and routine works. But still, the daily work can not finish on a single day. I am feeling depression recently….

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