Saturday, March 28, 2009

Right Choice

My Brother told me that he signed up to a hair loss treatment package recently. I am a bit surprise with his decision. He did fail once because of his laziness.

He did buy a set of hair loss treatment products few years ago when the time he left home country. Yes, this problem happened to him at his earlier age. He brought at a local famous hair care center. We all told him that is not worth to buy. We know him well. The sets of products all in together consists of around 8 items. He needs to follow the step advice by the center to take care of his hair by himself daily. Those products end up keeping safely under his bed after two weeks using. His excuse was he has no time for that. :P

Now he goes for a hair loss treatment package. All he needs to do now is follow the schedule that provided by the center and attend to the center on time. I think this is more suitable for him. If he manage to attend the center consistently and let those hair care specialist take good care of his hair, I think his chances of gaining hair is bigger. LOL

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