Friday, March 6, 2009

Prepared before Overseas

Here is another post to myself so that I can remember what I write and have a reference when I am needed. This is what people experience before and it's a good awareness to you and me as well.

I like my friend's idea as she mentioned that I might need contacts like manhattan it services if notebook that I bring along having problem and need urgent repair. This seems like not an importance issue but this brings my attention as this bring my awareness on what else info or contact I need to have when I am travel overseas.

I am talking about the preparation before we go and travel in foreign country. Other than the luggage and baggage with items needed, what else you will need to prepare? I am sure you will need to know well with the itinerary of your travel location. But the one that I want to highlight is the one that you need when some things unlucky or bad happen to you.

Besides travel insurance for protection, it's good if you know and have some info and contacts of the travel location local authorities and hospitals. Of course, if manage to learn on their local rules and regulation that will be the best.

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