Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drug Addict

My sis told me that her colleague absent today so she needs to handle two person's job task at office. Oh my, this is not the first times happened to her. I did query why a company can allow their employee take medical leave so often. He can absent two to three days a week!

My sis told me that the guy is a drug addict. She did tried to asked him abstain from drugs. Unfortunately, like all the other drug addicts, it's easy to promise but hard to taken into action.

The guy is the boss's nephew and the boss did know what happened to him. Her boss is actually helping him from jobless. It's a nice boss who can employ a drug addict but it is bad luck for those who working with him...

I heard that he did pass a drug test one year ago. I think probably this is the reason the boss brave to employ him at that time. I am totally saluted with her boss as not many boss willing to hire formal drug addict.

But from the situation now, it seems like he is back to drugs again after pass drug test. Fall back on drug is easily but to obtain is a painful one. I don't know why the guy didn't learn from his experience.

What will be the reason the guy do so? I think this need to be clarified so that his colleagues, friends and family can help him to back to normal life.

I suggested my sis to advice her boss support him so he can passing drug tests. This is needed indeed. As a boss and as an uncle, he has the responsibility to take good care of him. Besides, I believe every one can take the chance and opportunity to give helping hands by support him away from drugs.

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