Friday, February 13, 2009

Not My Favorite

It’s so sweet to know that James is sending a Le Creuset Tagine to Ann as Valentine gift. That is not only a sweet action but it's a surprise as well. He told me that Ann has plans to buy it so he acts faster than her and give her a surprise.

I am sure every time when Ann using the Tagine, she is full of love. A little action taken on the day of Valentine can be so memorable and romantic!

If I love cooking as Ann I think I would like to have one. But the fact is, I totally don't like cooking. I know it should be at least some cookware stuffs at home for a family. But the true is, I have moved in to my current house for more than 3 years but we don’t have a complete set of cookware.

I only cook when my mother in law is out for traveling. And when the time comes, I will cook at her kitchen. This is the reason why I didn’t spend for complete set of cookware. :P

I can very sure that my hubby will never buy me any type of cookware as a present as well because he knows me so well. LOL

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