Friday, February 13, 2009

Gain Weight Plan

I found that every time I am in stress, I will look for foods. I realize only when my colleague sit behind me told me about this. And this is true.

I am keeping more and more snacks and biscuits at my work place. Whenever I am in stress, I will feel hungry. And I can't stand for it until I have something in my mouth. Perhaps this is a good sign. I do wish I can gain weight from this practice.

My colleague asked me to subscript to New York Restaurants newsletter. He wishes to gain weight as well. He said this is the best where we can find so many ideas of foods and cooks. He is suggesting maybe we can enjoy delivery order from restaurants so we can have more choices of desserts and snaks. LOL


Amiee said...

I can't say anything more coz I am feeling the same way as you are. I just want to eat everytime whenever I do my work but I can't eat any snacks during my work period.

Franzi said...

When I'm in stress, I lose weight.

So I have to be a little bit easy to gain weight. That's why we often go to restaurants and have nice evening with friends. There I eat more than ever.