Friday, February 13, 2009

Escape from Stress

Another one colleague left us before Chinese New Year. I know I am to be some more busier as his job is related to me. No surprise, I need to help our company to handle his cases.

Honestly, I am willing to help. I mean, just help only. But the fact is it seems like I am the person in-charge right now. This is the one I don't like. He is under Maintenance Department and I am with Finance Department. But since he goes, I need to take over those cases that which is related to me. Even though only specified cases but I don't agree that should be under my job scope.

I feel so stress during office hours! I want to escape it! Give me any of the beach vacation rentals packages. Any where will do. I want sunshine, seas, blue sky, sand, beaches! I don't want to continue working like a cow!

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