Monday, December 1, 2008

Unread Mails

How many unread mails in your email's inbox? Recently I received more and more email from my colleagues. Normally I send my mails to my friends using my personal email account. I don't like my company email account handling so much of personal things as I don't want this to be discovered by my boss or the management. So, I will forward all those fun and meaningful mails to my personal email account. And this is the reason why my personal email mailbox is full of unread mails.

I wish to share those mails to my friends and that's why I forward to my personal email account but I seldom take action. Whenever I check my personal email, I will just click and read on those mails send from my friends, family members and relatives. Did I told you that my two little princesses will disturb me whenever I sit in front of my computer at home. This is the main reason why I can't even finish reading all my unread mails and not even have chance to forward mails to my friends..... LOL

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