Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Showroom

Our company coming new project is to re-design our marketing showroom. According to my colleague who attended the board meeting last week, our lady boss has agreed the sales and marketing manager suggestion for the new showroom plan that he proposed.

The current showroom is actually not well organized since the day we move in to our current new building. That's because it didn't have a proper plan for the displays and decorations by our ex-boss. But nowadays we focus on branding and image. Our lady boss is approach us to head towards her idea as the Showroom is one of the fist impact to our purchases which it's directly impress by the inspiration and our concept.

I just saw the new showroom slide show proposal. From there I can see we are going to have a brand new design showroom with luxury furniture and fittings as well as modern decorative ideas. My marketing team's colleague told me that he learned and agreed the triodisplay idea where he agree that appropriate lighting design is one of the importance factors to catch people eyes.

The project will be started next week and scheduled to be new launch on first week of January. We do hope that this can be another good work from our sales and marketing team to generate more sales and income.

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