Saturday, November 15, 2008

When is the Right Time?

I feel great with my company's property condition now after the few months of renovation and upgrading works. Even thought the additional works period gives us some inconvenience times, but it's all already passed.

I am now started to agree with my boss's idea. To build up a company image is important. Once your company's brand name is built up, then you will properly get fabulous responds which you never expected before. And this is the one that my boss emphasis on after she take over our company. Most of the money we spend go for advertisement and promotion for this few months. We still not promote our products yet. We are not selling any existing products yet but to re-branding our company.

Every thing goes very well now except our website promotion. The marketing team did show her what will be the expected results if our company goes for Boston Search Engine Optimization. But she ignored it. We all though she has a traditional mind set where she not believes in online business. Recently we found that she on hold the website promotion is because she feels that this is not the right time to go for it. And our question now: When is the right time?

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