Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boss is On Leave

My department head is on leave since last Friday. He will be back to office only on next week Friday. I told him that I need a payment urgently and asked him to arrange for me by last week but at last he forgotten me. I do wish he is forgotten rather than he is not willing to make the payment to the supplier.

Because of his words I told the supplier came and pick up the payment by last week and now seems like I have no choice to break my promise.

I know I am just a small fly in the company. What I had promised to the supplier before and now I need to be the one who explain. People may assume that our company is facing financial problem since we owing them for long period. Then I am the one need to be explained nicely to them. We are not as what they are imaging but just the boss no time to look at it or no time to sign for the payment. Do you think people believe in what I say?

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