Saturday, November 29, 2008


Baseball game is not familiar game in my country. So far I didn't see anyone having such activity in town. But this is one of a popular game in US. My neighbor's son Thomas who just came back from US keeps on asking why this game is not popular in Malaysia.

This question really makes us wonder. Why? I really have no idea at all. We have public football field, we have public basketball court as well as tennis court. But I just never see that we have a place to play baseball in town.

To avoid his baseball uniforms and Baseball Gloves being a waste item Thomas is planning to gather all his local friends and share with them the fun of baseball. He told me if possible, he wishes to be a baseball coach. He even wishes to have his own teen baseball teams. This is really interesting.

I think this is a potential in local market. I think he will be the first in local. Maybe I am wrong. Just let me know if you know some one playing baseball in local. Thomas would like to meet them all. Then he will not be alone anymore for the game.

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