Thursday, October 30, 2008

IT Support Needed

I don’t know how importance is an IT support in a company until I joined this company. Previously I am working in small firms. Normally we will ask for service whenever necessary. The most frequent services we required was the virus cleaning service. Other than that, we repeat our printing consumable items. The cost for the upkeep and maintenance is not a big amount for a small firm.

But this is totally different when come to big company. I am wondering is it because the more PCs and the more printers running at the same time cause more problems? Or the human being who operates the system is the troublesome one? I can see difference kinds of complaint about the computer or printer problem almost everyday. Just I myself have been experiencing mouse failure, keyboard port failure, system affected by virus and hard disk failure within my service period in my current company.

Since my ex-IT support colleague living us, our boss still has not recruit any new technician coming in to replace his place. I am wondering whether my boss is not updated enough. Doesn’t she know there are IT companies like NY IT outsourcing where we can be free of hassle to all kind of computer and IT problems?

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