Monday, September 8, 2008

Leaving Home Country

What is your decision if you are awarded to work at foreign country? If you have intention to apply a job outside your country and you have win the post, congratulation to you. If you are working in local but suddenly your boss proposed you to be the one transfer to branches outside your country, what is your decision?

Firstly, I think you must be so proud to be the one selected. You had gained so much trust and responsibilities from the boss and the company. For sure this is a good opportunity to explore your career. But on the other hand, you will consider about leaving your home country with or without your family members.

Yes. This is the pain. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide and having win-win situation. Although it’s not a task to get helps from Immigration Lawyers if you really decided to leave your country. But, will you leave a place where you born and you live for so many years?

Future is bright and the pass is already over. I think this is most of the reason why some of you choice to go. This is a realistic world. Isn’t it? Share with me what you think about this.


Ringtones said...

well i just wan to say Amazing for .. i was looking for this type of post ... if i get this opportunity .. i won't deny .. cause it will be a great opportunity for me to prove myself to a new nation.

poème said...

I think its alway a good opportuny and experience to leave his own country

Chizmosa said...

I think to work abroad is okay, but of course you have to balance things out. Will you do it for money or experience. Are you willing to sacrifice and willing to deal with home sick? Are you ready to miss special occasions with your family? These are some of the questions you must answer before going outside the country and work.

Working abroad is okay, especially if your country has no job opportunities to offer.