Thursday, September 25, 2008

Company Activities

After having fun with my colleagues last Saturday, I have learned some poker skill. Those crazy guys brought their portable Poker Tables to our company’s facilities hall and they spend more than five hours having fun there.

We played mahjong and poker games. Some more we fully utilize our company’s facilities like gym, spa, swimming and karaoke. This is the idea of our department head actually. He wants to group us all together at least once a month to have fun. This is to make our relationship more close to each others. Even though not all staffs attended for the first time but we do enjoy at the day.

I always feel jealous with those who are still single. They can enjoy as they like. Not like me who already get married have to back home on time. Anywhere, I feel I am still young when playing with them. :P

Some colleagues will feel that after office hours will be personal time. And they don’t like to join any activities attended by our management team. This is the reason why they absented. Do you think this reason is acceptable? What’s wrong with work with boss during office hours and have fun with boss after office hours?

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Great journey and experience!