Friday, September 12, 2008

Air Purified System

I admitted I am a not a good mother as well as not a good wife. I only manage to clean up my house once a week. Because not cleaning every day, whenever comes to weekends, those dust and dirt will be thick and not easily to remove. I know clean environment is so importance. I can’t depend on my mother in law to help me clean up my house every day. Some times I will feel that it is all my fails whenever my two little princesses fall sick. It’s just too hard for a working mom to being a perfect mom or perfect wife…. I am considering to buy an air purifier system. I didn’t find any of my friends is using this. Else I can have some experience guide about how good those systems will be. I think it is worth to buy to keep up the clean air at my home.


maplekisses said...

Oh don't say that! Just because you can't clean the house, you already brand yourself a "bad" mother and a wife... I'm pretty sure you've got great stuff in you that would compensate for that "lack of time" for cleaning... Keep posting! :)

Debt Consolidation said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

claims said...

Its so easy to become someones wife and become mom but a become a good mom and wife is not so easy. its really very appreciating that you always anxious about your hubby and children. these all are the sindom of a good mother as well as wife :)