Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Moving is not a fun for a family but Jessie taken the offer by her boss. She is promoted and will having her new life in Boston. Luckily her hubby fully supports her decision and their whole family members are going to station in Boston next month onwards. I know she deserve for the promotion but I am sure I will miss her so much. We use to meet each others almost every weekend. But after she accepted the offer, she is damn busy to arrange for her migration.

She needs to run here and there for applying and getting approvals from the authority. Besides, she spends most of her times on packing for the moving preparation. She has asking helps from Boston Moving Company for her moving. Yes, the antique furniture from her mother is going to fly over to Boston with Jessie.

This is actually the big items that Jessie headache all the way. The set of furniture is her mother's favorite and her mother passed to her before she passed away. You can know how meaningful the set of furniture to Jessie. After she decided to spend on move this to her new home, she has no more worry for her migration. Wish her all the best for her new life.

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