Sunday, August 10, 2008


Time flies. This is the week that makes me feel so down. As I told you all before two of my colleagues will work till end of this week with us. They had accepted their better offers and proceed to better career. We did wondering before why they choose the same day as the last day to service with our company. They going to start business together? No, no, no. This is just a little joke. As a friend, I wish them all the best as that is a very good opportunity to go further.

I just came back from the farewell dinner in one of my colleague home. I know the fun still can continue not only for one and only night. Not only happen on two Poker Tables, and plenty of foods and drinks. I believe that if we proper plan to gather and keep in touch each others, we can meet up each other soon.

I don't know will any one of us can not control and sob on this coming Friday but it's just hard to say goodbye.

Hey, you two! Thank you for everything especially all the helps, guides, funs, shouts, laughs, to and with me. I really appreciate the friendship with you two. Good luck and all the best!

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bokjae said...

Hey michelle you and your two colleagues must be quite good friends! In life we all face farewells to good friends! although sad we may feel but its for their own good to move anyway! bless them and let them go!