Saturday, August 23, 2008

BAD Luck

For a long time hubby didn’t buy me a gift. I feel so happy me brought me a hand phone on my birthday. I wish to buy one for a long time but didn’t take any action. Actually I feel so doubt of the various models and features that those choices in the market. I have no any idea which one to buy and what brand & features & designs to select on. Maybe I have no interest at all about this stuff. And I think this is the reason why he brought it for me. He knew that if he didn’t pick one for me, then I will forever wish and wish but without taking any action. :P

Too bad the first day we got the phone for not more than 1 hour for the function testing and selecting, the phone is down! We can’t even on the phone again!

Send back to the dealer and that takes at least two weeks for repair. ^@$&*@#^%()&@#(*

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irenelim said...

You are so bad luck o..but nvm, ur husband so sayang you, buy u a new handphone o..