Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Part Time Boss

I am so happy I still have chance to work for my ex-boss. This is my eleventh month working with him after I resigned. I though I have no chance to continue being one of his employees at the earlier stage. The debts that he owned was a huge figure when the time I left the company. He can not continue pay us the same pay as before so he cut down his expenses. That’s make me facing problem with my own financial situation and I decided to leave the company.

I can see his is working so hard to settle the financial problem of the company. I know I can’t help him much compare to my colleagues who working full time but I am sure myself is a responsibility part time worker who manages to help and settle the company accounting entries and transactions as well as reporting company account to him.

It’s not an easy task to get all debts to be collected within these eleven months. He did asked helping hands from Debt Collection agent. Although we can not get back 100% of those long overdue and outstanding debts but the consistency of the collection sufficient to maintenance the company month operating expenses. He is in the middle of the recovery right now!

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