Monday, July 21, 2008

My Funds Control

Even though I am an Account Executive, but I am not very good in recording my personal funds. I didn't have a proper book record for my monthly or even daily expenses. The way I keep track my cash flow is monitor my personal savings account closely.

Some times I will log on to my Savings Account more than twice a day. That is to make sure that my account still have sufficient fund for me to clear my debts. Yes, I am using online banking to settle my monthly installments and utilities bills. I found that this is the best way to control and keep track my funds. I did set my expenses payment to be clear in a future date and this is why I need to log on frequent to check for the payment clearance.

It's so convenience nowadays having a savings account with online banking facility. I can print out my transactions anytime without queue up at the bank counter. I can check my available fund without making a phone call. I can pay my bills and installments just in front my computer without going anywhere. I have saved a lot on times and petrol costs. You can say I am lazy at all but I am intelligently managing my funds. Agree? :P

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Bernhard said...

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