Monday, July 21, 2008


I manage to spend time reading bedtimes stories to my two little princesses every day. This is what I am proud to myself. I wish I can build up good relationship between us. I like to see their reaction and their funny question about the stories. Beside, I wish they can start to have a good reading behavior.

I quite worry with my elder princess reading skill actually. She likes books but she seldom read. I mean, if I ask her to read for me. She refuses to do so especially English books. I did asked her teacher about her English reading skill and I found that she is a bit weak at this.
Today I discover a website selling phonics based reading program called Funetics. This is what I am interested to know more. As my elder princess’s kindergarten also having phonics classes, I think this is suitable for both of my princesses. The Funetics program having 81 lessons consist of over 300 fun games and activities. Yes, I prefer learning with fun. This is work to children as well as adult. Don’t you agree so?

The Funetics program is expected to be complete in 3 months. Every lesson can be finish within 30 minutes. This is what I am interested as well. Kids normally don’t like to spend too much of times with you with the same activities or games. I think this is just nice for my two little princesses. Actually I don’t know whether this program is suitable to bedtime learning but it's definately a good material getting ready for kindergarten. I had already applied and waiting to enjoy the three free trial lessons. The standard program cost is affordable. It’s cost only $49.95 and some more with money back guarantee. No harm to try, right?

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