Thursday, July 24, 2008

Forgetful Me

I am old enough? Hubby just scolds me why I am so forgetful. My car road tax was expired on 13th of August but I only realize this today after my hubby reminded me. Luckily I didn't get penalty from traffic police. Renewal is just a simple step as long as pocket has sufficient money to pay. I promise myself not to forget the date anymore!


Parrot Bluetooth said...

No Xilly you look so young in this blog picture indeed! It's only that sometimes we tend to forget some issues because of tight schedule and tend to forget indeed! Your blog is fabulous and here it is I am digging it:

Michelle Wun said...


Thanks for your comment and the digg. I am really appreciate it!

Do come often to my blog. Thank you very much!

Keith Gill said...

That was really a very wonderful picture blog. I do appreciate it. How did you manage to get it. Its good to remember everything and try not to forget any thing.