Friday, June 27, 2008

New Project

I just can’t believe that I found this site. This is the best part of internet. All types of business, services and products we can looks forwards to find it online. See, I found a website which supply wide selection and great designs of House Plans.

Wait. I do not own a piece of land. I am not the one who wants to build houses. Why I need this? This is actually for my colleagues. Our company next project is to sell bungalow. We are getting all the best and professional Home Plans for the project. Even though I am not under the department but I am very interesting to be involve in finding those bungalow designs. I am sure my boss will find one that she likes. For me, I more prefer those beautiful Log home plans. I am wondering will my boss have same taste as me. :P Wish our project goes successfully and we can get big increment in near future. LOL

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